Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Insane Commando

Pakistan, a nation of 160 million people, is hostage to an insane commando who is hell bent to cling to power at any cost. Eight long years of dictatorial misrule and twisted priorities have left a peace loving nation of predominantly moderate and harmless people in complete shambles.

This insane commando is Gen (r) Mush whose biggest shortcoming is his inability to find "middle grounds". As a military man, he has been trained for 35 years to focus on ONE thing: the enemy. Hence, anyone who agrees to the high command (in his case the high command being "himself") is a friend while anyone disagreeing is an enemy.

8 years of unchallenged power has blinded Mush's vision to see the truth. He has surrounded himself by characterless sycophants who continue to praise and flatter him.

Mush's arrogance has also peaked. He considers himself indispensable for a successful fight against the war on terrorism. He claims to be the one who gave freedom (a right guaranteed by the constitution) to the press and media in Pakistan. And he openly boasts that it is the country that needs him (rather than the other way round)!

This mix of commando training fixed on "enemy", a long period of unchallenged power, blinded vision and height of arrogance has resulted in a total loss of rationality within Mush's mind. The results are fatal for Pakistan.

Consider this: In 1999, Mush started by evicting a democratically elected Prime Minister, without giving any regard to his oath as a soldier to not take part in politics of the country. He then attacked the parliament in 2002 by rigging the elections in favor of his cohorts and then by horsetrading other elected members to give his King's party a majority. And now, in 2007, he crossed all limits by sacking the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and other judges of the superior courts. If that was not enough, he totally blacked out the private TV channels and placed draconian controls on print and electronic media.

What does this mean? Well, Mush has systematically demolished all four pillars of the state of Pakistan. The Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Media, all lie flat on their faces after being stabbed in the back by Mush. And in doing so, Mush used the power of the armed forces. The very power that the people of Pakistan had entrusted him with while bestowing him with the honor of becoming the Chief of Army Staff in 1998.

In short, Gen (r) Mush broke his oath, he committed treason (twice) by suspending the constitution of Pakistan, he destroyed the four pillars of the state of Pakistan and he continues to preside over a ruthless, unpopular and dictatorial rule over the freedom and aspirations of the people of Pakistan.

This ain't an accomplishment of a sane mind. It has to be the "insane commando".

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