Monday, November 12, 2007

Letter to a principled Senator

Dear Senator Biden,

I am writing to appreciate and admire your understanding of ground realities in Pakistan. No doubt your experience in foreign relations and meticulous knowledge about geopolitical sensitivities gives you the ability to decipher the complexities of a nation like Pakistan better than any other politician in the USA.

You are absolutely correct to conclude that any support to Musharraf’s current actions by the international community (and especially by the United States) will marginalize the vast majority of moderate civil society of Pakistan and will push them to join forces with a handful of extremists.

Musharraf's declaration of January 9 election date is a complete eyewash in presence of emergency, uniform and kangaroo courts. To make things worse Musharraf has introduced draconian amendments in law to try civilians in military courts (to use it against political opponents and to spread a reign of fear and terror among law abiding and peaceful citizens).

As you are well aware, in Pakisatn the Judiciary remains in chains, media is under a blackout while civil society faces brute force. In doing so, Musharraf has crossed all limits and is hell bent to destroy the fabric of Pakistani society in order to cling to power.

Senator Biden … amongst all this gloom, your voice of reason to categorically oppose the Martial Law, demand the reinstatement of Judiciary and removal of uniform has come as a ray of hope for the 160 million beleaguered Pakistanis. You are standing up for the Truth. You are winning the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan. You are, through your in-depth exposure of world affairs, preventing the front line state in the war on terror from falling into chaos.

Not only is this a show of mature leadership, but it will also be a big advantage to your camp in the current Presidential race.

The majority of moderate and civilized Pakistanis thank you for this effort.

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Sara said...

Good of you to send that letter. We need to highlight our issues in the international community to put pressure on the current government of Pakistan and to show the world that the Pakistani people want real democracy.

What bothers me though is that international powers feel necessary to select our leaders for us. Why is it that only political 'rival' to Musharraf, Benazir is out free and giving press conferences regularly but everyone else who is speaking out agaisnt the current state in Pakistan is in jail? Why do we not speak up and rise and show the world that the people of Pakistan can and want to elect their own leadership? People who fought for truth and justice are now in jails. I believe we need first to demand their unconditional release. They fought for our rights and it is now up to us to fight for theirs. Demand the freedom of Imran Khan, human rights activists, lawyers and all who have been dragged into jails for speaking out against the regime in Pakistan.